Get lucky this July 4th weekend in Rocky Point at the Sonoran Resorts Las Vegas Charity night!

Been searching for something fun July 4th weekend in Rocky Point? For $35, you can have a Vegas style buffet, chips to play games, prizes to win, and be in “Vegas” with a beach!
Vegas Night July 4th Weekend In Rocky Point
Did you know… there are casinos in Rocky Point? The ‘klang’ of slot machines predominate, as there is no dice game, roulette, poker, etc. But if you want the full casino vibe, keep July 2nd in mind. That is the date for the 5th installment of Sonoran Resorts Las Vegas Charity Night.
The Los Volcanes Ballroom at Sonoran Sky Resort has plush carpet, cut glass doors, and fills the bill quite well for an Old School Casino. After 5 years, the event has become an established event. There are a large number of fans who would not miss it.

The $35 dollar entrance fee goes to help support the cities DIF Social Services department. The ticket includes a nice buffet meal from Ramon’s Restaurant, a raffle ticket for one of the many prizes given out, and 300 ‘dollars’ worth of chips to play games like roulette, poker, and blackjack.
More than any of that, the $35 dollars buys you a night of fun! It really is a great time. Sonoran Sales Director Jim Ringquist and his team are behind organizing and running the show (so, Jim’s kind of like Robert De Niro in Casino, right?).
Anyway, Jim says they still could use help with prizes to be donated, and assist if you want to try your hand as a dealer. Sound good? Jim can be contacted