Just say the word ’Seaside’. Does it create an image in your head? Maybe you see a sun splashed beach. Clinking glasses filled with ice cubes. Or a red and orange sunset ending the perfect vacation.
Seaside Reservations is a leader in offering great places to stay in Rocky Point. Helping visitors create their own image of the perfect beach front getaway.
Always growing from the start 17 years ago, the company is now a part of many well known vacation destinations.
From its roots in Rocky Point, the company has grown its presence to include many of the most desirable destinations in Mexico, as well as in the sought after Phoenix Arizona, and Santa Barbara California markets. So it is no longer just by the ‘seaside’.
At its heart, Seaside is about taking care of vacation properties for their owners, while also being the ‘front desk’. In this way we handle both sides of the equation.
“The vacation rental industry has evolved to a state that is nothing like it was when I created this company. In order to have more flexibility in the marketplace, it became necessary to build a brand that would not only speak to vacation renters, but also be recognized in the real estate and corporate housing industries.” Steve Schwab, CEO.
Now the company is rolling out its new name, Casago. Why? Its all about marketing. Also known as Signature Vacation Rentals in the U.S. market, Casago aims to present an image that keeps the company ‘top of mind’ with potential clients of all kinds.
Maximizing the return that owners receive on our management of their property is the goal. The name change consolidates the companies image. Coinciding with the change is the creation of the Corporate Housing Division.
Seen as a way to expand the rental prospects for our property owners, the Division will focus on getting client who go through Corporate Housing services. That includes seasonal employees, business travelers, athletes, business relocations, company junkets, and hospitals providing accommodations for patients and/or their families.
Just this month Casago added properties at resorts both in Loreto and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. You will continue to see the Seaside Reservations name used as the company fully transfers to the Casago identity. Look for the company to take its place along side other well known names as Air BnB and VRBO.
To quote company founder and CEO Steve Schwab once again,
“We think this is a more “brand-able” and simple name that is better understood and more relatable to our international clients. There will be residual “Signature” branding as we carefully phase into “CASAGO.” This strategy allows us to make a smooth transition as clients begin to recognize the new name and learn how to find us.”