Mexico is famous all over the world for it’s traditional hand crafted items. Using techniques that go back centuries, beautiful metal, leather, ceramic and wood pieces are still available. Buying one of these treasures is a wonderful way to get a sense of the history of the country, and its culture.

In Rocky Point, the range of what shoppers can be find is very wide. From Rodeo Drive over to the Malecon, you can find everything from hand blown glass to cheap sunglasses.
One place that stands out is Mercedes Rustica. Across from the popular Friendly Dolphin Restaurant on the way out of the Old Port, Mercedes is easy to spot. Look for the Giant metal Mariachi musicians standing near the curb.

Like many of the arts and crafts stores in town, Mercedes is over flowing with products. Most are squeezed floor to ceiling in an old home. You wind your way from room to room, like a maze.
But the feeling is more like a museum. The shear variety of what Mexican craftsmen produce is on astounding display at Mercedes. A true love for Mexican culture is on display. Most of the items come from the south of the country.

You will find hand carved wooden bed frames, one of a kind sets of margarita glasses, and hand woven textiles to name just a few.
For an eye opening encounter with the beauty of Mexico, check out Mercedes Rustica.