This past January, Rocky Point lost one of it’s biggest fans in Roger Clifton. Along with his wife Jeanette, the Clifton’s have had a big impact on the lives of many.
On April 1st, a gathering was held at the Quinta Ventura event center in Puerto Peñasco to Celebrate Roger Clifton.
On retiring to Rocky Point, the Clifton continued the giving that had always characterized their lives. The Quinta Ventura event brought together those who knew Roger Clifton. It was a who’s-who of the people that have made Rocky Point a better place.
Informal and friendly, the get together was a chance for members of the Peñasco community to share stories about their connection with the man. Clifton associate and close friend Enrique Rodriguez went from table to table, passing the mike for those who had a story to tell.
And there were a lot of stories!
Funny, intimate, and inspiring, each one added to a bigger picture. Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, or mosaic coming together. Even those who knew Roger Clifton intimately found out new things.
One common thread was the help he gave to individuals, and how it had a big positive impact on their lives.
There was the kid washing car windows who got great tips and years of advice, now a restaurant owner. A rescued orphan not expected to live past 5, now in his 20’s. The employee who learned being a boss really meant taking care of the people who work for you.
The stories were told in English, or Spanish, but all of them were full of love and respect. The love and respect that Roger Clifton brought to so many in Rocky Point is now woven into the life of the city, where it has multiplied many times over.