AIM is a local group that helps high school kids get all the uniforms that they need to start the upcoming school year. This evening they have a fun event to raise money, and share a bit of local culture.
Tonight from 6pm to 10pm it’s a Bacanora tasting at the Los Martinez Bar and Restaurant, located just before you enter the Old Port. 
Tequila is the official booze of Mexico of course, and rules state that REAL Tequila can only be made in the state of Jalisco, from the famous Blue Agave plant.
Bacanora is a sleepy little town tucked into a river valley in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Sonora. Like the city of Tequila in Jalisco, Bacanora  lends it’s name to the local spirit produced around there.
Bacanora is made from a different variety of Agave, though it is produced in a similar manner. Bacanora owns a smokier flavor than Tequila. Not to mention a stronger kick!
The drink has become more ‘officialized’ in recent years. Like Tequila, there are standards for how it is made. Otherwise it can not be certified as real Bacanora.
Before these changes, any that you had was technically pure moonshine. In years before, whenever someone pulled out a bottle of Bacanora, it was usually in a reused soda bottle, accompanied by a knowing look from whoever brought it. As in, ‘Get ready’.
Sipping it straight is the way to drink tailgate booze like this. Always it was very strong, and able to produce the desired effect surprisingly fast. Drinking enough was purported to bring on a slight hallucinogenic effect. So I’m told!
These days there are well known brands with a range of flavors like the more familiar Tequila. More refined, it adds a distinctively different taste to a Margarita or other mixed drink.
Want to learn more about Bacanora? Tonight, Friday August 9th, a Bacanora tasting is happening at Los Martinez Bar and Restaurant. The $20 dollar ticket for the tasting will help with those school uniforms, so it’s a nice event to support. Los Martinez is on the right going into the Old Port/Malecon area. Two streets after well known KaffeeHaus Restaurant, located across the street from the Sunset Cruise boats in the Marina.
There will be live music from local group Rojo. There will be knowledgable folks on hand who speak English to answer questions.