Located on Freemont Blvd., the local Red Cross, or Cruz Rosa as it is called in Mexico, is a big part of any response to a local emergency.
The 68 volunteer members are known as some of the most well trained in the entire State of Sonora. Three have been selected to to assist in Texas, as part of the response to flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.
I spoke with Julio Valenzuela, the Director of Rocky Point’s Red Cross.
“Our guys will be there for 10 to 15 days. Longer if needed” says Julio. “They have a lot of training, and have already helped out in other parts of the country. Mexico is sending 33 Red Cross volunteers, 3 of which are from Rocky Point. That’s 10%!”
“Our local Red Cross is paying their way as far as Hermosillo. But everything else will be from the Red Cross in the U.S.” We are really proud of them’ said Julio.
The three who are on their way to Texas are Pedro Gustavo Arvizu Barajas, Luis Castro Careaga, and Miguel Angel Ibarra Lomeli. All will be using their skills in Emergency Medical Response.
“Locally, we have worked to be able to respond to any kind of emergency. We are hoping to have our own clinic soon” says Julio.
Stop by the Cruz Rosa on Freemont Blvd, just East of Blvd. Benito Juarez if you would like to make a donation of any kind. They can be reached at 638 383 2266.