Traveling is fun. Except when it isn’t. Catching a flight, seeing new places, having new experiences. The process of getting to where I am going is the beginning of leaving the normal life behind. That part I like.
But if you have done much traveling at all, you know it is not always smooth sailing. A glitch can leave you thinking you would have been better off staying at home, watching Netflix.
International travel requires going through Customs. That’s a given. A new bit of technology can increase the odds that a possibly time consuming wait in the Customs line can be avoided.
US Customs and Border Protection along with the Airports Council International has created Mobile Passport. It’s an App that can streamline your passage across the border.
Mobile Passport allows you to input your passport and travel details into a profile that you have already established. Submitting the information via WIFI generates a bar code good for 4 hours. Simply present the code at Customs and save a bunch of time.
The best part is that there are special lines just for users of Mobile Passport. That alone may be the biggest time saver. Another new feature of the App is the ability to simply scan your Passport to input your info.
Now you still have to have your trusty hard copy passport on hand, and there is no guarantee that circumstances won’t cause you to get additional attention at the border crossing. But frequent travelers may get a real benefit from this expedited process.
Mobile Passport can be used at quit a few of the major US Border entry/exit points. More airports and cruise ports are coming on line all the time.
Available in Android and iPhone versions, the app can be downloaded at the Google Play or Apple App Store respectively.
Hopefully we will see this soon at the Border coming to Rocky Point. For now it is perfect for International Flights.