Coming November 4th
Last year Rocky Point’s Department of Art and Culture put on a big event to go along with the traditional Day of the Dead Celebrations. Normally, Day of the Dead has a bigger presence the farther south you go in Mexico. Which makes sense, since the origins of the Day are in Pre-Columbian Native customs from the Maya and Aztec Peoples.
But is you have noticed, Dia de Los Muertos has taken on a life of it’s own (yeah, I had to say it). From being recognized by the United Nations as Part of World Heritage, to appearing in films out of the U.S., the Day is having a renaissance.
Oddly enough, one of the recent James Bond films created a scene in Mexico City including a fictional Day of the Dead Parade. In response, residents of the city put on their own parade. It was a hit, and a chance to find another way to celebrate Mexican culture.
Rocky Point has had a great response for it’s Dia de Los Muertos event. Centered on the Cholla Mall area of shops, this is where festivities will happen again this year.
Along with the traditional Altar building from the students from Cobach High School, there will be a Catrina Contest. Open to the public.
The Catrina is the symbol for Dia de Los Muertos. She is an elite, well dressed lady from the past. Did de Los Muertos shows her and all of the dead to be continuing their ‘life’ as before.
The contest has categories for children and adults. Thinking of participating? Below are the official rules, and contact information to find out more.
This really is a cool event to go see, even if you do not dress up! Stay tuned to RockyPoint.COM for more details.
I. Modalities
The general public can participate.
II. They must register at the Art and Culture Directorate of the XXII City Hall of Puerto Peñasco as of the publication of this call; taking as a deadline on November 2 in a time of 8 a.m. at 7 p.m. Registration for the contest is free.
III. Two categories: Children (1 to 12 years) and general.
IV. It is necessary to fill out the registration form to be duly registered.
V. Only one costume per person is accepted. Participation is individual.
SAW. Those interested in participating must register and submit in writing on a letter-size sheet, at the time of registration, a general description of the costume, no more than 10 items. Likewise, they must sign an agreement of conformity of the results that are issued during the contest.
VII. The costume must have the characteristics of the traditional Catrina character; you have creative freedom to adapt and artistically add innovative concepts to the disguise.
VIII. The Catrinas Contest will be held during the celebration of the Day of the Dead Puerto Peñasco 2017 (Saturday, November 4 at 7 p.m. in the place where they are asked to parade for the jury qualifier).
VIII. The competition will be in two modalities, being granted recognition of participation to all and prize in cash to the first three places in each category / modality.
IX. The coordination of the Contest will appoint two jurors of recognized prestige (for each category) in order to evaluate the costumes of Catrina which will carry a designated number that will be delivered on the day of registration.
X. The jury will qualify the originality, aesthetic value, creativity, attitude of the contestant Catrina.
XI. The decision of the jury is final and the award will be made on Saturday, November 5 at 9 p.m.
XII. Child category: First place: $ 3 thousand pesos; Second place: $ 2 thousand pesos; Third place: $ 1 thousand pesos (must be accompanied by an adult when receiving your economic prize). General category: First place: $ 10 thousand pesos; Second place: $ 5 thousand pesos; Third place: 3 thousand pesos.
XIII. Of the transient. Any matter relevant to this Catrinas Contest will be solved by the coordinating team of the same.