Cities all around Mexico have added colorful 3-D displays of the letters that make up their name. Rocky Point has done this natural tourist attraction one better. Or actually, four better. Our town has the colorful PEÑASCO letters set at four different locations. Maybe more than anywhere else in the country? Still checking on that.

The most well known are on the steps above the Malecon, perfect for sunset backed selfies. The Convention Center presents it’s letters as a welcome to city visitors. On the east side of town, those entering the city near Las Conchas have another set. NOTE – these letters are pulled at the moment, presumably for a make-over as well. Their location puts them in contact with a lot of sea breeze, so they rust up pretty fast.

The newly repainted letters you see here are by the baseball stadium on Blvd. Benito Juarez, one of the town’s main streets. A part of Plaza Madre, a city park that has also gone through a complete renovation recently. 

The letters feature fine detailed images of animals that the region is known for, as well as scenes of the local environment.