The City of Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, has made changes as to how it responds to Covid-19. This is in response to the continued presence of Covid-19 throughout the State of Sonora, not specifically Rocky Point.

As updated for November 9th, visitors to Rocky Point are advised  .  .  .

Curfew is in effect from 11pm to 6am

Businesses close by 10pm

Masks are to be worn in public

In a car, masks are to be worn when there are two or more passengers

Events or social gatherings end by 8pm

40% capacity for restaurants

Markets and other stores will only accept 1 family member at a time

Beaches are open from 8am to 7pm

Parties at home are to end by 8pm, with no more than 10 people attending


Current hours for the border are 6am to 8pm

When traveling through the border town of Sonoyta, you must where your mask. 

Sonoyta also asks that you do not stop within the City limits

You do not need a reservstion to enter Rocky Point

There is no health filter as you enter the City