Rocky Point may be in the early stage of bringing a water desalinization plant to life.

Mayor Munro dedicated an existing property near Las Conchas that would serve for the new project. A public private partnership with Awasa and GBT, with funding of more than 96 million pesos, would see the cities first  salt water treatment plant completed in one year.

Rocky Point’s Mayor Ernesto ‘Kiko’ Munro stated “Once again we fulfill an assumed commitment and we show that when you want to, you can. It was not easy, since we have worked in the last five years to achieve this with true teamwork, and with a 100% commitment to improve the quality of life of the Puerto Peñasquenses”.

The plant is seen as a way of dealing with any future water needs that are currently met by wells pumping ground water from the north of the city, interestingly enough from below the seamingly dry desert near the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve.