The main highway from the border at Lukeville down to Rocky Point is, for the most part, kept in pretty good shape. Potholes get repaired rather rapidly, possibly due to the status of that stretch of road ads a ‘Safety Corridor’.

From the Baja Mexico side especially, the stretch of road that winds it’s way through sand dunes along the edge of the Sea of Cortez known as the ‘Costera’, can be a problem. Windy days can cause dunes to creep onto the roadway. At times, holes in the pavement can form and cause a situation that requires a drivers full attention, given the remote location.

The local Board of Roads recently completed a wide ranging repair of the ubiquitous potholes found on portions of highways coming into Rocky Point, and all within the same Municipality.

“Although it was not perfect, at least we took care of the poor condition they are in and it is passable, just in time for Easter. At least we leave it more passable, to see how it is once the holidays are over. Anyway, we have to continue with maintenance ” said Gutierrez Lizzarraga, Director of the Board.

Over 22,000 USD was invested in this work, which encompasses the Costal Highway that enters the city from the West, as well as the highway coming in from Caborca to the east of the city.

This Costera is a scenic but lonely stretch of road that stretches from Rocky Point, connecting with major highways at the border near Mexicali and San Luis Rio Colorado. A large part of the road passes through the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve.