“I love Mexico” Roger Clyne is telling us how giving became a regular part of Circus Mexicus. “I grew up near the border, the son of a cattle ranching family. When our concerts started getting bigger in 2007 or 2008, I was looking for a manner to give back to the community. So we could be a part of it. Not just visit, make a mess, and leave!”
This years concerts feature more bands than ever. Fans are expected from 27 different States, as well as 6 countries. Multiple events will focus on lending a hand to local organizations, including raffles and Saturday’s popular Rock and Soccer Tournament.
Today Roger and crew are meeting with the Tourist Auxiliary Unit to deliver much needed uniforms and supplies. A table is filed with helmets, gloves, boots and more.
The bilingual TAU cruise the tourist zones, looking to make things better for the cities visitors.
“They are a fabulous bunch of people. Under appreciated, and under known. They help a lot of people every day.” Says Jim Ri ngquist, Sales Director at Sonoran Resorts, and a board member of the TAU advisory committee.
“I want to say thank you. You provide a deeper sense of safety and security. I know a lot of gringoes have concerns, and that keeps several people from making a commitment to visit Rocky Point. But little by little, handshake by handshake, that’s how we do it.”
TAU Director Luis Molina agrees his agents will have a presence at the main stage entrance, as well as all around the venue for every day of Circus Mexicus XVI Look for them in their white shirts and tan pants.
“Before we go, I should get a selfie so everybody knows, these are the good guys!” says Clyne.