The drama of a wedding ceremony needs to be played out in a beautiful setting. The church, the banquet hall, the resort, as well as all of the details that go into the big event are there to create a memory to last a lifetime.
Something beyond the ‘everyday’ is needed to mark the beginning of a couples’ new life together. Rocky Point finds itself the setting for many weddings and reunions because of it’s closeness to the U.S border. Being a few hours drive from Arizona and Southern California, Rocky Points photogenic beaches and complete resorts make it the closest ‘exotic’ destination many.
The question of a wedding planner comes up right away. There are quite a few professionals who specialize right here in Rocky Point. They can hold your hand as you choose local vendors for food, flowers, and more. Having someone local to follow through on the thousand things that go into a wedding is essential.
“Usually the bride and groom schedule a weekend to come and meet the vendors for food service, flowers, even live music” say Conchita Peralta. As an event planner, Conchita coordinates everything before and during the day of the wedding. She works for Seaside Mexico as well as her own private events. “After that, the internet helps in deciding things like the theme of the wedding, where the guests will stay, and any special needs for the families.”
No matter how much work everyone puts into the big event, it is Rocky Point that always steals the show. the setting sun frames the new couple, their family and friends in it’s glow, and ties the individuals together in something bigger.