Rock Point will be visited by bands coming down from Phoenix the next two weekends. From the Malecon to Resort Row on Sandy Beach, it’s going to be rock, rock, and more rock.
Beach Bums continues bringing musicians to their stage. In the heart of the Malecon, Beach Bums has hosted Ruca,The Black Moods, Matt Ferris, and others. Every weekend, the house Band Hijos de Mauricio perform Latin dance music on Fridays, rock on Saturdays.
This Saturday, they will be welcoming Tempe’s long time favorites the Zubbia Brothers and the Black Rabbits to take the stage from 2pm to 7pm. A couple of doors down, new place on the block Tekila Bar gives the Black Rabbits another go at it starting at 8pm.
The following weekend we get to see this years version of January Jam. Roger Clyne, the Peacemakers, and friends regularly put on a well attended series of shows at J.J.’s Cantina in Cholla Bay. This year, commitments for touring, and to support there re-release of Refreshments Magnum Opus “Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy” got in the way of making the show a reality.
But the good news is that there will be music after all! Banditos bar, Clyne’s home base in Penasco (named after Fizzy Fuzzy’s big hit), will host Rocky Point Jam. Saturday, January 23rd will see three bands take to Banditos two stages (one inside, one out). The big late breaking news is that the old man himself, Roger Clyne, will be offering solo set both Friday and Saturday.
Whiskey’s Quicker start things rolling. They played here during the most recent Rocky Point Rally. Their eclectic mix of covers worked the crowd into a dancing mob, and won them some new fans.
Next up will be the Black Bottom Lighters, out of Tempe. These guys play originals in a rock/reggae style. The Black Moods wind up the evening. The Moods are recent regulars for the Circus Mexicus summer concerts. They have made a lot of fans in Rocky Point with regular appearances over the last few months.
Roger Clyne will be in the mix both Saturday and Sunday as well. After all, it’s his stage! He is a master of the solo set. Fans fill the place for a chance to watch him work up close and personal. It’s a great way to see why Clyne has kept his fans happy for so long. He really puts a lot into one of these shows, and frequent toasts probably help him sell more Mexican Moonshine Tequila in one night than during the rest of the year.
Entrance to Rocky Point Jam does not require a ticket, Just be there. Come early and pick your spot, especially for Roger Clyne’s performances, as the place does fill up.
Beach Bums is easy to find in the middle of the Malecon. They can be contacted at 638 388 9750. Banditos is located near the entrances to the Sonoran Spa and the Sonoran Sea Resorts. Look for the big pointy palapa roof. More info at their website.