Friday, January 12th is the next official gig of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers here in Rocky Point.
The January Jam is known as more intimate affair than the Summer time Circus Mexicus. JJ’s Cantina is where most of the action has traditionally taken place. The whole thing started 10 years ago when the group put together their album Turbo Ocho with sessions right here in town. The album will be performed in it’s entirety the first night of January Jam, to mark the anniversary of the recording.
Saturday will see the day begins with the Mexican Moonshine Golf Tournament, to be held at the Links at Las Palmas Resort. Clyne’s own Banditos Bar will host the music that night as well. On Sunday, Wrecked at the Reef will see an afternoon farewell for the weekends festivities.
Shawn Johnson as well as the Jons will be providing music during the weekend as well.
Tickets are on sale as of this week. Get them, or find out more by heading over to