If you have exited town going East towards the Mayan Palace Resort and points beyond, you surely encountered some of the worst road you have ever driven in your life. That wasn’t made of dirt. Technically, this stretch of road is considered part of the Puerto Peñasco Municipio. So they are the ones who have to take care of it.
A recent agreement between the State’s Governor, Claudia Pavlovich and the city have freed up the resources to work on this problem.
Now, it’s fixed! The worst part was actually from Mayan Palace heading East, away from Rocky Point. Crews have been working to patch it all up with asphalt, and now it is ready to go.
It is recognized that this is a temporary fix, as paving with concrete is the ultimate solution. For now, driving this road won’t be the agony that it has been. This is another example of the desire to cooperate between the State and local governments to get things done, even though both offices are held by opposing political parties. Looks like we all can just get along.