Rain on the dunes. La Costera
If you haven’t taken a trip on the ‘Costera’, you’re missing a unique experience. Stretching west from Rocky Point, La Costera is the two lane highway that shoots along the coast, skirting the massive sand dune area that runs from the Sea of Cortez to the U.S. border, and beyond.
Recent storms from the south of Mexico have brought some not typical Summer showers to this very dry part of the world.
Accompanying the rain is the wind. Miles of untouched desert makes for a great ‘cruise’ for those heading to the cooler climes on the Pacific Coast, whether in San Diego or Ensenada. The winds are what formed the always shifting dunes.
Crews from Puerto Peñasco get out and clear the road of sand as it migrates…wherever it wants to go. But strong winds can move a lot f sand in a short time. If you travel this way out of Rocky Point, be sure to stay alert for sand drifts that sometimes move onto the roadway.