‘Cheve’ is short for Chevesa. Thats how you say cervesa when you are drunk (borracho). Not that you have to be borracho to attend the First Annual Chevefest. It might be better to stay sober so that the enjoyment of the different beers offered at El Tapeo can really be savored. For sure this will be a good time for those that love having a tasty beer in a nice setting.
El Tapeo is a place known for it’s selection of wines, cheeses, appetizers served Spanish style (Tapas), as well as specialty beers. Most of these share a common origin in Northern Baja Mexico. Mexicali, Tijuana, and the Valle Guadalupe area of vineyards outside of Ensenada are represented on the menu, and at the Festival.
But what’s a festival without music? Right now, the exact line up has yet to be announced, but the mix looks to be rock oriented. Which sounds about right for a beer festival. I mean, Jazz and beer? No way.
Chevefest Rocky Point 2014 is coming October 11th to El Tapeo Wine Bar, located next to Hotel Laos Mar behind Playa Bonita Resort. The cover is $200 pesos, with a beer tasting from 7:30pm to 8:30pm.