Yesterday it was announced that Rocky Point will have one more entertainment option. Local developer Miguel Guevara, known for his work on Puerto Privada, has set in motion work to build a commercial center that will be anchored by a Cinépolis Movie Theater.
Work begins in 2 months. The commercial center will be located near the current Sam’s Club-Aurrera shopping complex.
Cinépolis has bee offering a scaled down version of their theaters with 5 screens. This allows the projects to be viable in mid sized markets like Rocky Point. Our city is one of the first 25 to be included. The design is such that it can be expanded over time.
So now the town will potentially have 2 movie theaters, along with the existing CitiCinemas near the Marina. The possible entrance fee mentioned is $2.90 pesos. At the current exchange rate, that is $1.60 USD. 
Movies in Mexican cineplexes are a mix of first run Mexican and US produced films. US movies are often presented in the original English, with Spanish subtitles.