“Try this with the Spiracha sauce.” Holding a plate of Fried Crunchy Shrimp Tacos in one hand, Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings in the other, Steve Schab stands behind the bar at Colin’s Cantina. Taste-testers on the other side are already trying the first course – Jalepeno Cream Cheese Stuffed Shrimp Poppers. I dip mine in the sauce, then take a big bite. “What do you think?” asks Steve.

At the entrance to the Princesa Resort on Sandy Beach, Colin’s is in it’s first year. Owners at the Resort have become enthusiastic supporters, filling the bar to watch Weekend football, or to catch singer Tony Jimenez make mellow music on the patio.
As the owner of Seaside Reservations, Steve has been part of Rocky Poin’ts rental business for a long time. Colin’s Cantina, his first restaurant, presents some different challenges. Part of it involves making changes to the menu, and getting feedback from customers. “Sometimes, restaurants end up serving pretty much all the same things. It’s fun to experiment. A lot of what we try doesn’t work out, but I like to find something that’s different that people like. That’s how we got the Blueberry Bacon Pancakes.”
Today finds two ‘trendy’ ingredients being worked into the menu; Spiracha Hot Sauce and Bacon. Speaking of which . . .
“Have you tried this yet?’ About fifteen people are seated at the bar and nearby tables. Robin, the lady next to me, slides a drink in a rock glass over. A nice, cold Margarita. Slice of lime on the rim. Crispy bacon draped over the top. Wait, what? “It’s a Maple Bacon Margarita. ‘Betcha never heard of that!” Well no, she’s right. The maple is a surprisingly good match for the Tequila and citrus flavor. Turns out that the bacon swizzle stick makes a nice chaser.
Next are clams steamed with garlic in dark beer. An old surfers recipe. Then coffee like they make it ‘on the ranch’ in Sonora. A Mexican Grandmas recipe!
Still behind the bar, holding a platter of Coconut Shrimp, Steve suggests that the couple next to me try it with the Raspberry-Chipotle Sauce. “What do you think?” He asks.
Colin’s Cantina offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Located at the entrance to the Princesa de Peñasco Resort, it is open to the public. Those staying at the resort can have food delivered to thier condo! Colin’s is open Monday and Tuesday, 12 noon till 8:00 pm, and Wednesday through Sunday from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm. For more information call 638 382 8020.