Gastro 638 is a collective of local chefs in Rocky Point, bringing their talents together to present some incredible food. Earlier this year they headed up a really popular event focused on the art of grilling, set at the Peñasco Del Sol Hotel.

This Saturday, October 5th, their next food extravaganza comes our way Gastro Fest will be set on one of the areas great beaches at the Mayan Palace Resort.

Entrance cost is $350.00 pesos, part of which goes to help the local CAM Montana school for special needs kids.

Participating Restaurants include  Miguel’s from Hotel Peñasco del Sol, Moonshadow Café, Infusión from Laguna Shores, La Postrería, Restaurant el Oktopus,  Ramon Restaurant, and Alaburger con el Chef.

Rocky Point has seen a real explosion of eateries in the last 3 years. If the names above are not familiar to you, and you love good food, you are sure to find a lot of new favorites to add to your list.