Rocky Point is a fishing town. Cruising around the harbor is a fun and free thing to do, checking out the boats as they take a break between voyages.
Driving between Calle 13 and the harbor, you may have noticed that some boats have begun to populate a previously vacant lot. What’s going on?
The harbor and its boats have been the lifeblood of Rocky Point from the beginning. Astilleros Cabrales repairs them, paints them, puts them back in service. This company has been a fixture in life of the city since the 1960’s. Right now, with the shrimping season ended, boats are in dry dock getting tuned up for the next round.
Astilleros Cabrales has started offering space on a large lot to store boats of all kinds, even welcoming RV’s. Check out this uniquely Rocky Point business as you short cut around the back of Calle 13. Just keep an eye out. It is a little unnerving to come around the corner while one of these giants is hanging in big sling, slowly inching its way across the road.
Photographers might want to take advantage and get close up to these big boats. It is off season for shrimping, but not for hurricanes! Rarely do they ever get close to Rocky Point, but from time to time they come near enough to cause strong winds and lots of rain, as you may have experienced if you were here this past week. That is why some opt to get their ships up on dry land this time of year.