Rocky Point’s fire department just became a lot more effective, with the arrival of some specialized emergency equipment.
In a ceremony this past Saturday, Puerto Penasco mayor Ernesto ‘Kiko’ Munro welcomed San Luis Arizonaś mayor Gerardo Sanchez. Along with other public officials from the two city’s, Rocky Point saw the transfer of donated safety gear, the highlight being the “Jaws of Life’ apparatus. Designed to give firefighters a way to free people trapped inside of cars involved in accidents, these tools were demonstrated for the gathered officials and press.
In a yard next to the Fire Station on Freemont Blvd, the ‘Bomberos’ went to work on a Ford Mustang that had been salvaged from a roll-over accident. To the sound of gas generators, two groups of men worked to remove the doors, the roof, and to pry open the vehicle. Working quickly, the car was completely open in a short time.
The ball got rolling to make this donation happen when Geraldine Gutierrez, of the San Luis Office of Public Information, had a conversation with Guillermo Munro, Sub-Director for Art and Culture in Puerto Penasco. “We all travel to Puerto Penasco for vacation. Having these tools with the local Bomberos is really helping us” said Ms. Gutierrez. Co-ordinating the transfer of the gear was Maria Conchita Peralta, Puerto Penasco’s Cultural Liaison, who also served as MC for the event.