I noticed an interesting phenomenon when I worked at the resorts on Sandy Beach.
Friday saw crowds of people check in, ready to make the most of two or three days of fun and sun. Cocktails, fire works, four wheelers, cocktails, jet skis, breaded shrimp, sunset cruises, and cocktails. And that was just Friday!
Saturday morning saw…not much. Calm. Quite. One guy jogging. Hmmm, all the cars were still in their parking spots. Had everyone quitely tip-toed back to Scottsdale and Ahwatukee? No.
Many had succumed to ‘La Cruda’, or the common hangover. Sure, everyone would get their second wind. But did Mexico offer some magic cure? Something to, if not restore us to Fridays exuberance, at least make the sunlight stop poking us in the eyes?
Menudo. Hands down. Everyone here agreed. However, after having once lost a staring contest to a bowl of Menudo, I decided to ask “anything else?”
Will chorizo be your salvation?
It is not nearly as universal, but a plate of chorizo, beans, tortillas and a cup of strong coffee had a lot of believers. Heck, I eat that all the time. After Googling ‘beans+hang+over’ etc., here’s what I learned.
The protein in chorizo is a favorite hangover helper. It provides amino acids like Cysteine that the liver needs to filter alcohol. Salty chorizo helps replace this and other minerals lost while you sang ‘La Bamba’ with your new best buddys in the Mariachi band. Who knew you could speak Spanish that well?
Beans are great for potassium, while coffee dilates the blood vessels back open, helping to relieve your headache (drink water while you are at it). Putting sugar in your cup will add so many more metabolism boosting calories to breakfast, so the healing can begin.
I happened to be out of beans this particular morning, so I went for breakfast burritos. Let’s cook…
-make the coffee!
-drink it
-crumble chorizo in a saute pan over medium heat
-add finely cubed potatoes
-when the potatoes soften, add Monterrey Jack cheese (optional)
-heat a pan to warm the flour tortillas. Some prefer to heat them directly on the flame, but you already have a hangover, and they wont let you eat burritos at the Red Cross emergency room.
– roll the chorizo in the tortillas and serve.