Looks like the last stretch of unpaved Freemont Blvd. running past Bryan’s Sports Bar is seeing it’s last days. There was always a certain amount of fun in finding a ‘route’ through the washboards. But get it wrong, and your sun visors would flop down, the coffee you just bought over at the Oxxo would erupt like Mount Vesuvius, and you could come out on the paved side with funny new sounds squeaking at you from underneath your car.
Rocky Point has been transformed of the last few years. Freshly paved roads have shown up all over town. Driving Rocky Point has definitely become less ‘rocky’, due to the work of recent local administrations.
Currently, the center median is being put in place. Then comes lighting and trees. The final phase, of course, will be the actual paving of Freemont. A crew member told me they expect the project to take 2 to 3 months to reach completion.