Great weather and a long weekend at the beach. What could be more fun than that? Memorial Day is just around the corner (May26 to May29). Lots of people put Rocky Point at the top of their list when it’ time to get out of town and blow off some steam. You tend to make a mental check list of all of the things you want to do when you are down here. Or maybe you’ve never been? Here are some things that should be on everyones list.
 Rocky Point Zip Line
New this year, the zip lines crisscross “La Loma”, the big hill that juts into the sunset at the west of town. Way longer than anything else in Sonora, the ride down includes the second longest section in all of Mexico (the longest is in Cabo). 2000 feet long baby! After getting hauled to the top in a military grade off road vehicle, the bilingual guides get you strapped in, and off you go! 5 individual lines take you over breath taking views out to the Sea of Cortez, and between the peaks of La Loma. Budget about 2 hours for more information.
Wrecked at the Reef: 
A stop at Wrecked is kind of a pre-requisite for a Rocky Point Weekend. They cover all the bases with good food, lots of TV’s for whatever game is on, friendly staff, and a big dance floor. A new outdoor stage joins the beachside patio. Guitar players and full bands add a mix of live music earlier in the day on weekends. But at night it’s La Merca on the inside stage. The packed dance floor attests to the popularity of this group that has been a fixture here for over 5 years! The quintessential bar band, count on La Merca to play just about anything the will get people moving.
Full of good stuff to enjoy with friends and family, Wrecked can be found at the west end of Sandy Beach, out past all of the resorts (near La Loma). Or just ask anyone wearing a Wrecked T-Shirt. Sometimes it seems about half the people in town are wearing one!
Sunset Cruises:
See the town at its best, from the deck of a boat! As the sun sinks into the Sea of Cortez, enjoy an adult beverage and maybe bust a move, dancing with your new found best friends. Most of the cruises tend to  be floating parties. But cruises are also a chance to get out into the incredible natural world around Rocky Point. Dolphins are common companions – seems they want in on the good times too! At the start of every year, you can count on visiting the migrating Grey and Fin whales that come to these waters to give birth. Remember, different cruises have different vibes. There is a Pirate Cruise, the double decker Ecofun, and the more intimate Señorita Rita.  Sunset cruises head out from the marina, and last about 2 hours.
Satisfied Frogs:
You may recognize the name Satisfied Frog from the long time favorite in Cave Creek. Now smack dab on the water, the latest incarnation of the Frog can be found at the end of the Malecon. Shrimp Po Boy sandwiches, strawberry shortcake, fried chicken . . . lots of home cooking on this menu! Specialty drinks too. Drink a whole Rocky Point Iced Tea, and they hand you a hammer to nail the lid of the mason jar glass into the wall. Place is full of them. Live music on busy weekends too.
All-Terrain Vehicles surely are one of the most popular attractions to anyone visiting Rocky Point. Some off the earliest tourist activity in town was centered around off road activity. There are tone of places to rent one on the road out to the resorts of Sandy Beach. Then just go! Actually, the most fun can be had by tackling the dunes and trails near by the beach. Just be honest with yourself. Lots of less experienced riders go out, and most have nothing but good times and sun burns to bring back. If this is a new sport for you, make sure you keep things on the safe side.
Stand Up Paddle Rental
One of the newest and most enjoyable outdoor activities around the world is the Stand Up Paddle board. Rocky Point’s waters are calm more often than not, and there are estuaries and reef to check out. For those booking with Seaside Reservations, their Concierge can arrange boards for you, and deliver them to where you are staying.
The Morua Estuary, Laguna del Mar, Playa Hermosa or Las Conchas beaches are perfect places to paddle and enjoy the wonderful landscapes.
You will for sure  enjoy our recommendations for a memorable Memorial Day Weekend in Rocky Point. Come and enjoy the experience.