Now is the perfect time to be in Rocky Point. Days in the mid-80’s, sunny skies, water temps just right.
All the usual Rocky Point possibilities – beach time, banana boats, ATV desert rides – are still an option. But this month, LOTS of cool things are happening that you won’t want to miss.
Here are 5 that make the most of Rocky Point´s great outdoors.
1. Rock the Sea, Oct.8th
´Open bar on a Pirate Boat´. I should stop writing right now. Feel the ocean breeze in your hair, matey, as you party for a good cause.
Cruise ship El Rey del Mar, the King of the Sea, looks very much like a classic pirate ship. Which of course it isn´t. That´s just a Rumor started by the Chamber of Commerce people up north. But the crew does put on eye patches, and says ´arrrrgh´ a little more than necessary.
Their regular salute to the Pirate-American Community gets taken up a notch with the addition of Phoenix Band Something Like Seduction (I think we all know what they are referring to). Reggae and Funk will spill over the deck as you dance, drink, etc.
The Tourist Assistance Advisory Committee gets the proceeds from this Bacchanal on the high Seas. They volunteer their time working with Rocky Point´s Police Auxiliary Force.
The white shirted Auxiliaries are bi-lingual, and are there to help when a visitor to town needs a little….assistance! Car stuck in the sand? Need directions? Fender bender? The Auxiliaries can help.
2. Dirty Beach Mud Run, Oct. 22nd
Need an excuse to wallow in the mud? Dirty Beach Mud Run let’s you do just that. I mean come on, triathlons are soooo serious. Here you get to climb, crawl, flail around an obstacle course just yards from the beach. With drinks! ‘Nuff said.
3. Rolling with the Federal Police, Oct. 23rd
Certainly you have heard of the Federales? In Mexico, the Federal Police are kind of like the Highway Patrol. If you ride a bike, join them as they cruise from the Border town of Sonoyta all the way to Rocky Point.
Olympic silver medalist Belem Guerrero Mendez will be on hand as well.
Can you imagine? “Hey, what did you do this weekend? I saw the new Godzilla movie. You?” “Uh, not much. Just rode 100 miles through the scorching desert with Mexican Federales on my tail.” Bragging rights my friend.
4. Explore Morua Estuary by Kayak, Oct. 28th
Just east of Rocky Point is beautiful Morua Estuary. Wild life love the shallows where fresh water mixes with the Sea. Experience the height of ecotourism with a guided kayak adventure.
The CEDO Institute studies our local ocean. Located on a wind swept hill overlooking the ocean, this will be your starting point.
Knowledgable guides will take you to cool places you would miss on your own. Experience the the beauty and biodiversity that is so close to home. To register, email