Well, they’re here. Early Summer is typically the time for Stingrays to move into Rocky Points waters. Some years there are a lot, some very few.
There have been reports of people getting stung by Rays on out beaches over the past 2 months. Now is usually the time that they begin to go away. How to handle them? Other than sitting in one of the swinging bar stools at Boo Bar and not leaving?
Stingrays hang out under the sand in calm water. Remember to shuffle your feet, don’t take big lunging steps where you might land right on one. That’s what will get you stung.
While usually not a serious injury (although it is a puncture wound, which would warrant getting it checked out at Red Cross or by a Doctor)  it does hurt. Sticking your foot (it is usually your foot!) in hot water cuts the pain way down. 
Jelly fish show up predictably with the Monsoon season. Long time locals will tell you they appear after cloudy days (like today!).
Jelly fish can be found washed up on the beach, small blue blobs that also hurt a lot, even though they are dead at that point. Remove them from your skin with something NOT your hand (because then your hand would hurt too). Rinsing with vinegar or Windex will cut the pain. 
Just be aware a when you are in the water. Lots and lots of people come here in the Summer and never see either Stingrays or Jellys.