Rocky Point has seen a number of film crews in recent years, taking advantage of it’s unique and beautiful environment.

At the top of the list if the Mexican film Sonora. The film is an adaptation of the Novel La Ruta de Loas Caidos, or The Route of the Lost. The novel was written by one of the State of Sonora’s most renowned authors. Guillermo Munro Palacio. The author is a Rocky Point native, with a large volumne of works that examine this part of Mexico’s history and culture.

‘Sonora’ follows real events during the Great Depresion, a time when Chinese immigrants were being expelled and persecuted.

Directed by Alejandro Springall, the story take place, and is filmed in and around the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve. The story follows a varied group of travellers as they attempt to make their way across the forboding and dangerous wastlands and deserts to the west of Rocky Point. Determined to reach the border across the Altar desert, they travel the infamous Camino del Diablo. The story is based on real events.

The film had its world premier this past August in Rocky Point at the new Cinepolis multiplex. ‘Sonora’ is now available on Netflix Mexico. Aside from the engaging story, the movie is a showcase of the truly stunning landscapes to be found just outside of town. If you have never been to the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, this movie offers a a great introduction. The dunes, mountain ranges, and lava fields are some of the most unique and beautiful location shots seen in any film.