Casago is now on the big Island. Kona in fact. The west coast of Hawaii is well known for it’s diverse, and beautiful locales. Casago manages and rents properties mainly in the classic Hawaiian city of Kona.

For those who have not been, the states main island is a great place to get accuainted with all things Hawaii. Kona of course gives it’s name to a world famous coffee. Tours of coffee plantations are a fun activity. Kona’s Hale Kona Kai Condominiums are right on the volcanic shoreline, a short walk from the center of the town’s active area full of restaurants and tour oportunities. 

As of December, Mt. Kiluea has sprung back into activity. The world’s most active volcano offers flowing lava at it’s summit. Casago presents beautiful Cymbidium House, within a short drive to the entrance to Volcano National Park. This 3 bedroom home accomadates 6 guests, and is set in a lush giant fern forest.

Kona itself makes a great base for exploring the Islands. Beautiful beaches dot the coast, with easy access to snorkeling and other ocean activity. Winter means whale season, and these majestic giants are commonly spotted from shore, or one of the many tour boats.