In case you did not know, Peñasco has a good sized stadium that has undergone some impressive renovations in the last 2 years. From the new astroturf up through the seats and concession area, the place is looking spiffy! It has the intimate feel of how a Baseball Stadium felt in the glory days of the sport. A bit more intimate, and up close.
The people of Rocky Point seem to appreciate the difference. The always popular Tiburones, our home team, are regularly greeted by enthusiastic fans  who fill up the bleacher seats. 
Also, a growing chorus of residents from the US have discovered the charms of a Spring evening, a cold brew, and rooting for the home team.
The season is underway, with a mix of away games and home stands. Next Tuesday play returns. See the attached schedule and pick a night that is right for you. If you like baseball. You are sure to enjoy yourself. The Tiburones play well, and it’s always fun to cheer along with the crowd!