The Pastorela is a play that tells the Christmas story of the shepards and three wise men. A tradition from the very beginnings of Mexico, the Pastorela has evolved into an irreverant comedy that satirizes the current state of things. No one is spared. Politicians national and local are especially put into the spotlight of comic abuse. Some of them sit in the audience and laugh along!
The main action involves the devil’s attempt to trick the shepards, with the Archangel intervening to save the day. Good wins over evil in the Pastorela, but not before the worlds character faults and abuses of power get a good airing.
Full of inside jokes and double meanings, the Pastorela is tough to follow without a command of the language and local culture. But really fun to watch anyway for the real talent and enthusiasm from the cast, and the riotous response from the packed house. The streets were empty because everyone was here!
Credit goes especially to Azucena ‘Suzy’ Mazon who directed the Pastorela for the second year in a row. Suzy also reprised her role as one of Satan’s helpers. The one with the drinking problem!
Pastorelas are put on all over Mexico in the days before Christmas, and really go to the heart of the country’s culture. See one if you get the chance, especially if you are in Rocky Point.