Sitting in the airplane´s open door, staring at the ground thousands of feet below my dangling legs, the rush of wind blocked out all other sound. I had to read my instructors lips as he yelled ¨ready?¨ Well, let´s see. I double checked my parachute, and had gone through some very complete instruction with experienced pro´s. I felt I knew what to do, what to expect. I think what he really wanted to know was, ¨well, are you gonna´ actually let go of this plane and step out onto that blue sky below your feet?¨ Yeah, that´s always the question. isn´t it? I give the thumbs up, then start to let gravity take over. Might as well jump!
A lot of people have it in the back of their mind that they want to parachute out of a plane. Even if it´s just a one time thing. Well, some sky diving pro´s from Puerto Vallarta will be setting up shop in Rocky Point July 24th thru July 26th and offering you the chance to ´just do it´ in an event sponsored by Seaside Reservations.
Corinne from Sky Dive Rocky Point tells us more . . .
. . . Thinking about Skydiving? If you have never made a tandem skydive before what an incredible experience this will be! First, you should know there is no experience required!
There is a short 10 minute briefing with your instructor and then you just enjoy the ride. Your tour will start with an amazing and personal experience of a 20-25 minute scenic plane tour over the beautiful Sea of Cortez experiencing Rocky Point in a way that most have never experienced before.
At about 8,000 feet you will prepare for your jump where you will be securely harnessed to your instructor as you get ready to exit the plane. At 10,000 feet you will begin your free fall which will last about 45 seconds until your parachute softly opens at about 5,500 feet. From there you will have a 5-7 minute canopy ride until you land safely and softly on the sandy beach.
The price is just $235 USD per person or for a group of 2 or more $210 USD per person. Your spectators are welcome!
Sounds like fun? Corinne suggests you book ahead to be sure your space is reserved. Sky Dive Rocky Point can be reached at