Sea Turtle nests on Sandy Beach

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Sea Turtle Lays eggs

This year the Rocky Point beach received a special visitor. A Pacific Olive Ridley sea turtle came ashore to lay her eggs. People walking the beach just happened to see the shy creature as she made her way out of the surf and headed straight towards the Puerta Privada Condominiums as if she had made a reservation for the weekend! Done burying her eggs in the sand, she turned and a few minutes later was gone.

This is not the only time it has happened, but it is rather rare. It has been three years since the last turtle came ashore to nest, although it is not uncommon to see them out in deeper waters. Pacific Olive Ridley Turtles are the most plentiful in the worlds oceans, but are still considered ‘endangered’. Mexico is where they nest, but that is normally much farther south, near Puerto Vallarta. Programs there help to protect turtle egss until they hatch, and the young turtles are ready to begin life in the ocean.

Mexicos’ PROFEPA is a government agency that oversees wildlife matters. They are the ones who have set up a protected area around the turtle eggs, and will protect them for the 40 to 50 days needed before they hatch.

This is a reminder that no matter how developed the area becomes, it is still part of the larger environment that we all share.

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