Beer Fest July 6th at Arena 3 C, top of Calle 13, (the old Jills). $100 pesos to get in gets you a beer to start you off. Starts at 6pm. Live music and great BBQ. more info 638 114 8438.


If you have not been here, it is a fun place and worth checking out. Arena 3 C is a play on words ‘3 C’ would be pronounced ‘trece’, Spanish for 13. As in Calle 13, or 13th Street, where the restaurant is located.

You may have been here when it was Jill’s, the bright blue, popular bar and restaurant near Hotel Penasco del Sol.

Arena 3C has a nice patio with a bar, area to play corn hole, and a stage for their regular live music.

Inside is another stage, a bar and more seating. The theme is Lucha Libre, or the colorful Mexican Wrestlers. Art work throughout is provided by well known local artist Memuco, and is worth a trip in itself. Menu is fun, and they are becoming known as a place with really good hamburgers. All of their food is priced reasonably. the Beer Fest is a great way to check them out.