3 Circunvalacion, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora 83550
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3 Circunvalacion, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora 83550, MX
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Just a half a block off the Malecon is where you will find Papa Panchos. Dine inside, or sit on the small patio and people watch. A cross between Chipotles and a street taco stand, Papa Panchos serves up burritos, tacos, as well as baked potatoes smothered with great ingredients.

Unusual for a taco place, which are typically ‘early’ or ‘late’ places, they are open from 7:30am till 10:00pm. The early menu runs till noon, and is based on ‘guisados’ (stews). Big fat burritos of carne con chile, mole, picadillo and more are on the menu. From lunch on, the grille is fired up for the Sonoran specialty of grilled beef called Carne Asada. Great in burritos or tacos, how a about a big baked potato, carne, guacamole, cheese and green chile?

Resonably priced in a great location, Papa Panchos is a nice new addition to the Old Port neighborhood.