Unnamed Road, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora
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Unnamed Road, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora , MX
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“I have always been afraid of this” Dora told me. ‘Clip’ went the strap as she tightened the helmet on her head. Standing in the blazing sun on a dirt road by the dunes, we listened as the buzzing got louder. Over head, the ultra light began to decend. Our dirt road was also a runway.

Doing new, exciting things is a part of any decent vacation. Weather bumping along, high speed on a Banana Boat, swimming with Sea Lions, heck, even being in Mexico for the first time, all kinds of fun surprises await.

During the busier times of year, ultra light aircraft can be found to take the adventurous up above the crowds. For around forty something dollars, it’s just you and the pilot seated right in front of you. Talk about thrilling! And being, you know, ultra light, you are exposed to the winds and the weather (don’t worry, there is a seat belt). Second only to maybe sky diving, you are as free as a sea gulls up there.

The pilots are accomodating. Want a smooth cruise for taking photos? Want to buzz down to the waves and back up? Go round in circles? Yeah, me neither, but the pilots speak English and want you to have a good time.

Stepping out of the seat of the aircraft, Dora removes her helmet. Now she wears a smile that is full of wonder and excitment. “I did it!” she shouts. “No more fear of flying!” Sometimes you get more from a vacation than just photos and memories.