Do you travel out of state very much? If so, the new Arizona Voluntary Travel ID might come in handy.
Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Department is recommending that Arizona residents get the card, as it meets the requirements for passing through TSA inspections at airports. So, this Arizona ID card would meet the standards for the 2020 roll out of the Real ID Act requirements at airport or other federally controlled facilities.
Motor Vehicle Director Eric Jorgensen says “MVD is making this process simple. Customers can go to and make an office appointment. The website provides information about what documents that customers should bring with them to meet the REAL ID requirements for the Voluntary Travel ID. Appointments also help MVD offices run more efficiently, helping to get customers out of line and safely on the road.”
Valid for 8 years, the card will cost $25 USD. Along with that you will need to present a Passport or Birth Certificate, a document with your Social Security number, and proof of AZ residence, like utility bills or bank statements.
More info is available here
The site mentions that travel outside the US still requires a valid Passport.