-Winning recipe coming to Colin’s
Super Bowl weekend always sees a big get together of the folks at Puerto Privada. Part of the festivities include an appetizer contest. Judges, blind taste tests, the whole works. For the second year in a row, Trish Lyons Kaller has emerged the winner.
Colin’s Cantina (in the Princesa Resort, Rocky Point, Mexico) liked last years’ recipe so much that we put it on the menu! Since this years winning appetizer is also great, we wanted to make it a regular as well. Plus, it has bacon. At Colin’s, whenever we try something new, the first thought that pops into our heads is “how would it taste with bacon on it?” There, now you know our secret philosophy!
-‘Como se dice “Macaroni & Cheese?”
Trish stopped by with a purse full of ingredients this past week to show the guys and gals at Colin’s how it’s done. Everyone was in the teeny tiny kitchen. Everyone was elbow to elbow, while Trish walked through the recipe. Stephanie from the front of the house did most of the translating.
So….what IS the mystery appetizer? OK. First, you take some bacon (there’s that bacon again!) and make it into a tube. Like Cannoli. Then you stuff it with super tasty Macaroni and Cheese. Finish with a dusting of brown sugar and a hint of Cayenne pepper. Viola! Creamy macaroni and cheese wrapped in crunchy sweet bacon.
The new name will be unveiled shortly!