El Poblano Tacos

You park your car, open the door, and there’s that smell. Whoo, it’s spicey, and warm and tangy….what is that? Bright light pours out onto the dark street. Your nose leading the way, you come to where they are cooking strips of steak just as ‘whoosh’, a big bowl of white onions is plopped on the grill. Carmalized onion joins the mix of aromas, as you find out what originally caught your interest. A tower of pork slices stacked on a spit rotating across an open flame. The meat is orange-red from being rubbed in chile and other spices, it’s edges turning black and crispy. A pineapple set on top drizzles juice down the sides. Kinda’ looks like a Greek Gyros. What is that?

The specialty at El Poblano is Tacos Al Pastor. It is thought to come from Mexicos Lebanese community, explaining the same cooking technique that is used with lamb in Middle Eastern Gyros. The spice mix is kind of Mediterranean too, featuring clove. The flavor really isn’t complete until you add a little fresh cilantro, white onion, and a squeeze of lime.

Folded in wax paper, El Poblanos’ tacos come on corn or flour tortillas, with a large dollop of Guacamole on top. There are also carne asada tacos, Vampiros (meat with cheese open face on a crispy corn tortilla), and quesadillas. Make sure to get those fried onions too.

There are two El Poblanos. One a block off of Benito Juarez near the Baseball Stadium, the other near El Centro across from the main church. Both are among the busier and larger taco places in Rocky Point.

*Open from 5:00pm til 10:00pm. Closed Wednesdays.

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