Condo or Beach House – What’s your preference?
Make that first cup of coffee, throw open the door, and walk out onto the beach. A light morning breeze cools your face as you look left, and then right. A dozen pelicans wait at the water’s edge, sure that some fish will show up soon. Someone is walking their dog about a half a mile away. That’s it. Stretching to the horizon in both directions, the beach is yours. But they said it was going to be a busy weekend. Is it always this quiet in Las Conchas?
Book your stay with Sea Side Reservations, and you will have lots of options. The classic getaway usually involves a swanky condominium perched above the Sea of Cortez in one of the many high rise developments available. It’s a great way to go – all that you need to have a good time is right where you are. Between the beach, pools, swim up bars, and the comfort of your own patio, you’ve got the bases covered.
Sandy Beach’s high rises are just west of town, while the rows of houses in Las Conchas are to the east. A house is great if you want a big family or two to stay in the same place. At the same time, smaller rentals are available as well. Either way, the lower density makes even the predictably busy times like the Fourth of July or Labor Day seem quieter. Come down on an off weekend, and you could literally have only a handful of people as far as you can see. And you are still close enough to town to hit the hot spots, or smile as you see how easy it was to avoid them!
Whatever you prefer, let Sea Side Reservations help you select a great place to stay. Don’t forget, we also offer a concierge service exclusively to those who book with us.