Border wait times, getting home

At the end of a busy travel weekend to Rocky Point, a big part of the crowd of visitors to town will be heading back home.
Not flying for a vacation has lots of advantages. But just as you have to allow for time spent going through TSA security, driving home from Rocky Point involves getting across the International Border. A busy weekend like this can find the lines out of town to be daunting.
border crossing logo

How do you know the best time to hit the road to avoid traffic?

As a general rule, by mid-morning, the wait to cross starts to hit it’s stride. You can count on the end of a long weekend to pack the Border crossing with cars till well into the evening.
Being the first in line helps. The border opens up at 6 am, and usually the first hour will see little to very moderate traffic to compete against. It’s the same when approaching midnight, the time when the border crossing shuts down for the night. But don’t be late! mIdnight means midnight, and it is a drag to have to drive back to Rocky Point if you miss the deadline. Or so I have been told!
As you sit on the patio of your condo, soaking up the last of the good vibes and fresh sea air, you may wonder how to decide when to hit the road. The folks at Customs and Border Protection have put up a helpful webpage that has the current estimated wait to get processed and back across the line.
This will tell you how many lanes are open, as well as the current time it takes to get through. Helpful, right? Even more helpful, CPB has an App for your mobile phone with the same information. The app is available on the same webpage.
The border crossing wait experience is something to be aware of, and to manage as best as possible. One consolation is the steady stream of entertaining vendors working the line of cars waiting to exit through the border town of Sonoyta. Seriously, want some tortillas? How about your windows washed? Maybe a Spiderman mask for the kiddies?