To the list of Rocky Point’s fine taco stands, excellent sea food spots, and picturesque dive bars, comes something the world has been longing for.

Stuff the salad bar. We’ve got a cereal bar!

Called Cereal-ito (it means ‘a little cereal’), the place has tons of cereal boxes lining the walls. You can keep it simple, you know, sticking to Corn Flakes if you want. Or go nuts and mix two or three together. Put some cookies on top, we’re not here to be reasonable. Sprinkles? No one will stop you. Think gummy bears sounds like a good idea? Of course you don’t. Let’s do it anyway!

Sign your masterpiece by choosing just the right shade of food coloring for the milk. Voila!

Oh yeah, you COULD put, you know, bananas. Or nuts. Or other healthy stuff on there too. But I mean, come on!

You can order just a bowl of cereal. Or get extra. Or go all in for ‘Barra Libre’, and have as many bowls as you want. 

Cereal-ito serves other things as well. You will find bagels, egg sandwiches, nice coffee, juices, milkshakes, and more. 

Cereal-ito is a seriously cute, fun little place found on Boulevard Kino. As any cereal lover knows, this stuff ain’t just for breakfast. Cerealito is open 8 to 8 every day. 

by R.Scott