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Soap Box Derby for kids, Oct. 20th!

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A new tradition in Rocky Point is the annual Charanga, or Soap Box Derby. Back in the day, the cool kids built mini cars out of whatever they had on hand, then pushed them to the top of the towns biggest hills, and raced down to glory, or a crash. Sometimes a glorious crash.This year, the revived Soap Box Derby will change to being once again all about kids. No adults

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Bacanora tasting- the REAL Mexican Moonshine

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AIM is a local group that helps high school kids get all the uniforms that they need to start the upcoming school year. This evening they have a fun event to raise money, and share a bit of local culture.Tonight from 6pm to 10pm it’s a Bacanora tasting at the Los Martinez Bar and Restaurant, located just before you enter the Old Port. Tequila is the official

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Road to Resorts gets a facelift

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This week crews are out applying asphalt on Blvd. Cocoteros. Thats the curvy street that runs past all of the Sandy Beach Resorts in Rocky Point.The work is the first result of the 1.8% rental fees on rental reservations set by the city government. Money collected is meant to be used specifically for projects to maintain areas in the city impacted by the tourism

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