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U.S. Navy sending dolphins to help rescue endangered Vaquita Marina

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The waters west of Rocky Point over to San Felipe are home to one of the world’s most endangered porpoises. Only around 60 of the Vaquita Marina, or Little Sea Cow, are thought to remain in the wild.Fishing nets are the problem. The Vaquita get tangled in them.With the help of environmental groups, the Mexican government has been attempting to save the remaining

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Hot Air Balloon Festival coming to Rocky Point, Feb 24, 25, and 26.

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El Ruta del Globos brings between 10 an 15 (at least!) hot air balloons to grace the skies around Puerto Penasco.The last weekend in February will see days where you can go up in a balloon (something I have always wanted to do). At night, the balloons will 'glow', providing a beautiful show along with live music.The route has been most recently

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