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Month: September 2014

Jillz South Side Bar

A little piece of Rocky Point history is being revived and renewed at the top of Calle 13, in what was the original Playa Hermosa area. The beachfront here was the first resort area for the town. The land was built out from here...

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Chevefest 2014

‘Cheve’ is short for Chevesa. Thats how you say cervesa when you are drunk (borracho). Not that you have to be borracho to attend the First Annual Chevefest. It might be better to stay sober so that the enjoyment of...

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Mexican Independence Day Celebrations

September 16th is Mexico’s biggest and most important holiday. As we get closer to the date, you will see more and more vendors setting up shop on street corners, selling flags and banners, all in the red, white and green...

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Shurman and Sassy at Banditos

Coming up this September two musical acts will make appearances at Banditos, out by the Sand Beach resort area in Rocky Point. Known as the home away from home for Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, Banditos was a big part of...

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